One planet, one path: Sustainability

We calculate and know our own ecological footprint

And how important it is to have done it!

We know that our operations have an impact and that is why we focus on quantifying it through the calculations of our carbon and water footprints.
From this first big step, we have detected opportunities for improvement and defined a work plan in order to achieve a reduction for the campaigns to come.

A circular management of out processes


Composting and its benefits

Efficiency in irrigation and zero effluent

A responsible use of phytosanitary products and fertilizers

We work hard to obtain healthy and safe crops, respecting and protecting our environment and its biodiversity.

We carry out permanent monitoring in order to define Integrated Pest Management strategies to minimize the impact on the environment and to protect beneficial organisms.
Regarding fertilization, we provide mineral elements in the soil, organic matter and beneficial microorganisms. In this way, we attain that our plantations can efficiently take advantage of the nutrients and we collaborate with the natural regeneration of the soil.

We protect our forests and their biodiversity

In addition to complying with forest protection regulations, we carry out a project with Fundación ProYungas that establishes a framework for our environmental management actions and defines commitments framed in the Protected Productive Landscape Program.

We are responsible with the community

We collaborate with the community on a permanent basis, attentive to the needs of our most direct area of influence.

We participate in the “Yellow Tide” campaign and we are sponsoring the Banco de Alimentos Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to reduce hunger, improve nutrition and prevent food waste.

We actively contribute to the job placement process with internships for students who are being trained through the various agreements we sign with middle, tertiary and university educational entities.

Strategic partnerships: The way of collaborative development

In order to contribute to the continuous improvement in which we develop our activities, we have several scientific and research memberships, betting on collaborating with the technological improvements of the processes and the advancement in knowledge and market development.

Commited to the sustainable development goals

With the activities that we manage in a holistic and transversal manner throughout all our activities, we are contributing to the fulfillment of the 17 United Nations SDGs.

Although we have detected initiatives that have an impact on the 17 SDGs, our actions make us strong in:

We are constantly updating, training and collaborating on Corporate Business Sustainability.

And there is more!

The objective is to work together on innovation and sustainable improvements for the activity and for the community that accompanies us. We maintain a permanent collaborative relationship with:

Estación Experimental Agroindustrial Obispo Colombres (EEAOC)

A government entity that works to create and to develop technologies and methodologies that allow the efficient management of crops and derivative industries. Hand in hand with this organization, we work collaboratively on research and development projects.

Centro de Interpretación Ambiental y Tecnológico (CIAT)

An entity dedicated to separating, classifying and revaluing dry urban waste in the Municipality of Tafí Viejo. As a team we can achieve a revaluation of waste, a circular economy and a reduction in the impact of our activities.


We separate in origin all the waste that is generated as part of our processes, from the nursery to processing in packaging and industry. In this way, we ensure that the waste does not accumulate and is recycled in an appropriate manner and within the applicable regulations.

Composting and its benefits

We revalue our organic waste by allocating it to compost, thus obtaining an organic fertilizer that allows us to reduce the use of chemical synthesis products. In this way we achieve the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and we improve our soils in a natural and sustainable way.

Efficiency in irrigation and zero effluent

Our plantations have drip irrigation. All our equipment is permanently monitored by specialized personnel to minimize losses and make the best use of water resources.

We have an effluent treatment system that allows us to condition it and take full advantage of it for irrigation of our plantations, thus collaborating in the reduction of water consumption and in the circular management of processes.