The foundation of our Company dates back to the year 1935, when don Ignacio Trapani and his wife Rosalía, settled at Los Nogales and initiated in the cultivation of sweet citrus. Years later, the disease of Tristeza caused the death of those trees, but the adversity helped out to take a new and right path: The cultivation of lemons. In the year 1965, Don Vicente Trapani, the youngest of the three sons of Ignacio Trapani, starts the industrial activity installing the first machine for the extraction of essential lemon oil.
From there, we consolidated as a company dedicated to the integral exploitation of the lemon, becoming a referrant of the activity at an international level.
Our producing centre and the administration offices are located at Los Nogales, to the north of the capital city of Tucumán, heart of the lemon cultivation. State-of-the-art technology and excellence of our services, applied to special agroecological conditions, constitute our prestige and quality.



We are an agroindustrial company, sustainably producing lemon and its derivatives, from the field to the world.



To upgrade our production in order to sustainably develop in the cultivation of lemon and the processing of its derivatives. To achieve the recognition in the world due to our quality, efficiency and innovation, reached by a strong and responsible growth in the community that houses us.


Code of Ethics and Conduct

At Vicente Trapani S.A. we consider integrity as the highest of values. Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is formed by the Values, the Ethic Principles, the Norms of Conduct and the General Commitment with the Sustainable Development, that guide the performance of all the people that are part of our company.


It is prior and fundamental an honest condut.
We build and encourage relationships based on personal and professional consideration.
We develop a business management based on continuous improvement, stimulating the interaction, the effort and the contribution of all our collaborators.
Based on our vast experience and long trajectory in the citrus activity (over 50 years), and the corporative integrity expressed in the firm purpose of fulfilling all our assumed commitments.
We sustain a long term vision that impulses us to look for innovative ways of competitiveness, optimizing with creativity, inventiveness and courage, the available resources.

Integrated Management Policy

As a Company dedicated to the lemon prodution, processing, trading and export of fresh fruit and its industrial derivatives, we assume the commitment of implementing an Integrated Management System with transparency and responsibility, guaranteeing a healthy and safe environment in each working position and for the community where we develop our activities, keeping at the same time, a balance between the economical, social and environmental dimensions. Within the context where we develop our tasks and according to the strategic direction of our business, we commit to the following:
• To produce Quality and Safe Food, that comply with the legal national requisites, of those of the countries with which we operate and those agreed with our clients.
• To satisfy the needs of our clients, their current and future expectations, giving them always Safe and Quality products.
• To mantain an efficient internal and external communication with all the parties involved.
• To promote safety and protection of the health of all the members of the company, by preventing injuries, ailments, diseases and work related incidents.
• To offer the necessary resources to keep and improve the competencies of our working teams looking for the personal and professional growth of our collaborators.
• To contribute to the protection of the environment, attempting an integral and dynamic sustainable development that guarantee a better quality life in the community, trying to prevent and minimize the negative environmental impacts.
• To impulse and hold the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, establishing the referencial frame where to be able to factually and systematically evaluate the scope of our objectives.
We deem the quality and safety of our produce our greatest responsibility, as well also the assumed commitment with our collaborators and the care for the environment.


We establish the necessary ethical and transparent frame for building long and reliable relationships with the groups of interest of Vicente Trapani S.A., promoting a culture of integrity and legal fulfillment for a sustainable and competitive context.
• With our clients: In our treatment with them there is no room for any type of corruption, bribery, favoritism or any activity that is contrary to good customs or attempts against the safety of the products we market. We neither offer nor receive illegal payments, tips or bribes.
• With our stockholders: We establish the best corporative practices to provide total transparency and certainty. A good corporative goverment stregthens the stockholders’ mandate and gives the frame to a well administered company, socially responsible, efficient and profitable. We protect the fixed and intangible assets of the company and we do not use them to non-authorized ends. We maintain the confidentiality in all the industrial information, including the intellectual property.
• With our collaborators: We work so that every collaborator be respected and find a suitable space for his/her profesional and personal development. We hire our employees only by his/her qualities and capabilities; we do not hire under 18 years of age (except those allowed by law, that are the 17 years old with parental authorization). Vicente Trapani S.A. does not accept under any point of view the exercise of child labour. The treatment with our collaborators is affirmed on the golden rule of the relationships: Respect, Justice, Trust and Affection. We promote the diversity and do not allow the existence of any type of discrimination regarding age, religion, race, sex and / or sexual preference.
• With our suppliers: We carry out honest and equitative negotiations without discrimination and / or imposition of any sort. We neither offer nor receive illegal payments, tips or benefits. We always give all the necessary information so that the contests and tenders be transparent and fair. We do not work with contractors who employ in their activities child labour.
• With our competitors: We commit to compete based on price, quality and service, under a frame of integrity, respecting our competitors in every sense. Every publicity and promotion is based on the truth and fulfilling the legislation in force.
• With our government: Vicente Trapani S.A. has total respect for the laws in force in the field of exercise of the activity. We keep ourselves informed of the laws that rule our activity and make the necessary adaptations so as not to fall into any violation. This principle applies to all the areas of the business with no exception. General Commitment with the Sustainable Development. We understand that the economical development has to be in harmony with the wellfare and the social inclusion, and the assessment, conservation and care of the environment. For that, our commitment is based on the following guidelines:
• To establish a sustainable management of the processes, based on the balance among the economical, social and environmental dimensions.
• To promote the integral development of the community where we act, and contribute with the sustainable development of the region where we operate.
• To support and to respect the protection of human rights within our sphere of influence, making sure not to be partners in case of violations of these rights.
• To sponsor and facilitate actions and projects to promote the sustainability and human development.
• To apply the best practices of environmental conservation, minimizing and compensating the impact of our operations.
• To promote sensitizing and training programs, looking to raise awareness in each member of our company and along our value chain, as active agents in the building of a corporative culture compromised with the sustainability. Fulfilling with the dispositions of this Code of Ethics and Conducts, we have the satisfaction to have acted loyaly with our groups of interest in a clear and honest manner, in an environment of trust and cordiality, in the personal as well as in the professional fields. In case that a punctual and especial situation arises that is not contemplated in this code, the Direction, through its president, shall solve it based on the spirit and basic principles of this code.

Strategic partnerships: The way of collaborative development

In order to contribute to the continuous improvement in which we develop our activities, we have several scientific and research memberships, betting on collaborating with the technological improvements of the processes and the advancement in knowledge and market development.